Alright everybody: sit tight, listen up! Puma and ICNY are about to release their second collaboration in a single year. So while it’s safe to assume that you know about Puma, the German multinational brand, founded by Rudolf Dassler (the big bro’ of Adolf Dassler, that German dude who incorporated this other tiny sports brand that goes by the name of adidas), you might ask yourself: who or what is ICNY??! Let me tell you a bit about them.


ICNY is a new and upcoming clothing label from New York City. The short term for ‘I SEE NEW YORK’, the company was founded in 2012, by the then 21 year old Mike Cherman. After being struck by a car while riding his bike at night time, Cherman came up with the idea of reflective clothing for cyclist and runners to enhance visibility. His goal was to create stylish, yet functional designs that add safety for everyone on the dark streets of New York during late hours. After all it isn’t called the city that never sleeps for no reason!


By utilizing reflective materials on key areas of apparel and accessories, ICNY is able to provide pedestrians, runners, and cyclists alike with clothing to keep them safe during any activity, while looking good doing so.


Now throw Puma’s experience with top class sneakers into the mix and you’ll get yourself an outstanding running shoe. In this case we are talking about one of the brand’s classics, the Puma TRINOMIC R698. The futuristic makeover includes two different colorways, which will be available online via KICKZ.com. The basic model is a clean black and red version of the shoe, which you can check out below. Also if you are more of the shiny type, Puma and ICNY got you covered with a special silver edition, the TRINOMIC R698 x ICNY X3M. With this version there is no way you are going to be overlooked, even during daytime.


Since the collaboration is mainly focused on the running theme, it also features a performance jacket with inner pockets and underarm zips for better ventilation, as well as a windbreaker, a logo crewneck and a logo t-shirt. The gear obviously comes with the signature 3M-technology for better visibility.

It’s safe to say that this won’t be the last collaboration between the two brands, as their last two partnerships have been major sellouts. We can only hope that in the future more brands will put their ideas and effort into innovative projects like this one.

You can shop the full line of the collaboration here, while you can find a lot of other cool ICNY apparel here.

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