NBA Christmas Day

Christmas Day is a very special day for people around the world and it is always nice to spend the holiday at home with your loved ones. As on many special occasions food and drink is a major part of it as well as examining your Christmas presents. You might love some of your gifts and hate some others. But Santa brings us all a very entertaining gift that we can count on every year: the NBA on Christmas Day.

5 Games of Basketball sweeten the holiday a little more featuring some of the top teams and superstars in the league. The world of basketball has witnessed some extraordinary performances on Christmas Day. Knowing that more people than usual are watching the games on that special day must boost the teams’ motivation. We traced back some of the most memorable performances and  wrapped it up in this blog post. This is our gift to you. Merry KICKZMAS!

Bernard King scores 60 points for the Knicks on Christmas Day in 1984

Michael Jordan showed some amazing moves against the Knicks on Christmas Day 1986

Another Knicks vs Bulls battle on Christmas Day in 1994 with a strong performance by Scottie Pippen

Tracy McGrady scored 41 points against LeBron and the Cavs in 2003

Watch a young Dwyane Wade challenging Kobe in 2004

LeBron James and Kevin Durant had an epic battle on Christmas Day in 2012

Watch the top 10 plays of the 2014 NBA Christmas Day games

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Manuel joined the KICKZ family in December 2015 as an intern in the marketing department. He was adopted with much love and his colleagues nurture him with their endless knowledge of the basketball and sneaker world. Social media and writing blog posts are his responsibilities as well as any slave work that has to be done.
He is a sport enthusiast and proved himself in all kinds of different sports including soccer, gymnastics, swimming, cycling and of course basketball. As a Celtics fan he must be patient for the rebuilding of the team in the hope that they will rise again.

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