• D Lillard 2 Boost

Adidas D Lillard 2 Boost

The brand new adidas D Lillard 2 Boost with Primeknit just dropped. As the NBA is going north to hold the All-Star Game in Toronto on February 14th,  Adidas Basketball releases the shoes of the “Aurora Borealis Collection” inspired by the Northern Lights that paint the Canadian sky in vivid colors during the winter months. The spectacular Primeknit upper which was made popular especially by the Adidas Ultra Boost is held in red and purple referring to the neon colors of the Northern Lights as well as the original Toronto Raptors franchise colors.

More items and more colorways of the D Lillard will be released in the upcoming weeks. We’ll keep you updated, so check back at KICKZ.COM/blog.

Until then check out the Adidas D Lillard 2 Boost Primeknit  at KICKZ.COM.

We all know Damian Lillard as the brilliant point guard of the Portland Trail Blazers. His performances on court are impressive and he is considered to be one of the best clutch players in the league. We want to give you a better understanding of Damian Lillard as a ball player as well as the person beyond the athlete.
On his YouTube channel he documented his way to professional basketball with a video series called “License to Lillard” in which he talks about his College career and his motivation to reach the top of his game.

License to Lillard

In his still young career Dame managed to win the Rookie of the Year 2013 award and can already call himself a two-time All-Star. Since his NBA debut in 2012 he started in 275 consecutive games until December 2015 when he missed just one game because of a sore plantar fascia (google that only when you’re not eating).

He wants to play every single game and he wants to win every single game. When the seconds are winding down and the game is close you want him to hold the ball in his hands to take the last shot. And he will make it because he is a beast in the clutch! You don’t believe it? Watch Lillard hitting game winners in the following videos.

Lillard’s first game winner in his rookie season againast the Hornets

Game winner against the Cavaliers

Lillard with the game winner that wins the playoff series against the Rockets in 2014

Highlights of the 2014/2015 season

Adidas Testimonial

Damian Lillard has been testimonial for adidas since day one and his popularity has grown to superstar level quickly. His first signature shoe, the D Lillard 1, came out in early 2015 followed by the D Lillard 2 that launched in December. New colorways are on the way and we will keep you updated for sure. In a new video campaign Lillard proves his swag and tells the world what motivates him.

Adidas Creators Never Follow

Damian Lillard aka Dame D.O.L.L.A

Lillard has been rapping for years. And it’s not just a hobby. Under the name Dame D.O.L.L.A. he kicked off his hip hop career a while ago and released several songs on his soundcloud. If you don’t believe he can rap, check out this video below and listen to him freestyling at a radio show with hip hop legend Sway. On Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2016, he released a new video to his song “Bigger Than Us” which was showcased on national TV station TNT prior to an NBA broadcast.

Damian Lillard at Sway’s Universe radio show

Damian Lillard “Bigger Than Us”

He also started the 4BarFriday community on his instagram. Check out some upcoming rappers he supports.

Damian Lillard gives back to his hometown Oakland

Damian always states that he is proud of his origin being born and raised in Oakland, CA. He chose the “0” as his number because because he wants to recognice important destinations of his journey. He grew up in Oakland, went to college in Ogden and now lives in Oregon. Lately, he worked with Oakland based brand Oaklandish which started in 2000 as a public art project designed to highlight Oakland’s local history and unique cultural legacy. The Oaklandish brand of apparel was introduced to help support public events in the community. Check out the stylish collabo that serves for a good cause.

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