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Top 10 NBA Slam Dunk Contests

The NBA Slam Dunk Contest is an inherent part of the All-Star Weekend. Each year fans look forward to seeing their favorite NBA high flyers soaring through the air and putting on a great show of artistic and powerful dunks. Before the action goes down in Toronto 2016 tonight let’s take a look at the history of the event real quick. The first ever Slam Dunk Contest was held in 1976, during half time of the ABA All-Star Game.  That same year the ABA and NBA merged and in the following years the league experienced a new rise in popularity.  In 1984, the NBA reintroduced the contest and since then it has been a continuous part of the NBA All-Star Weekend schedule. We put together a NBA Slam Dunk Contest Top 10 for you.

All photos via FIVE Magazine/Getty Images

10. NBA Slam Dunk Contest 2013

2013’s winner Terrence Ross put on a great show in the contest. The jury gave him 99 out of 100 points for his dunks in the first round and he proceeded to the final to face Jeremy Evans. Fans voted for Ross via text messaging and he won with 58% of the votes. Here are some pictures and a video clip of the 2013 performance.

9. NBA Slam Dunk Contest 2006

In 2006 Nate Robinson’s Slam Dunk Contest career started with a bang. It was the first of his overall 3 titles which makes him the most successful participant of all time. The 2006 competition was fought out on a extremely high level. The final round against Andre Iguodala ended in a draw so the 5’9 Robinson sealed the deal in an additional tie break to win the title.

8. NBA Slam Dunk Contest 1984

1984 marks the year of the first NBA Slam Dunk Contest. Larry Nance won it in spectacular fashion. The pictures of his dunks are impressive and some of my favorites can be seen below.

7. NBA Slam Dunk Contest 1985

Dominique Wilkins aka “The Human Highlight Film” and Michael Jordan aka “His Airness” were the protagonists of the 1985 NBA Slam Dunk Contest. Two great players on their way to the top. Wilkins showcased some unreal dunks and won the intense duel against Jordan.

6. NBA Slam Dunk Contest 1997

Kobe Bryant was 18 years old when he won the NBA Slam Dunk Championship in 1997. That makes him the youngest champion ever. It is just great to see the up and coming star dunking like there is no tomorrow plus boasting with confidence in an interview after the event. Watch and enjoy.

5. NBA Slam Dunk Contest 2011

This went viral. Blake Griffin dunking over a car. You can’t get more spectacular. Watch all powerful dunks in the video below.

4. NBA Slam Dunk Contest 2008

“Superman is in the building!!!” We all assumed that Dwight Howard had some super powers. In the 2008 NBA Slam Dunk Contest he proved it. Superman’s dunks were insane and his show let the crowd stand in awe.

3. NBA Slam Dunk Contest 1988

This one was a rematch between Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins. Wilkins had won the contest in 1985 so Jordan was super pumped to snatch the crown. Michael finally beat his opponent but the jury’s decision is discussed controversially to this day since Wilkins showed an amazing performance as well.

2. NBA Slam Dunk Contest 1986

The 5’7 Spud Webb is the smallest player ever to compete and win the NBA Slam Dunk Contest. He had some incredible hops. The pictures of him flying to the rim look too cool to be real. His height was never an excuse for him and he has always been a role model for small players competing in the game.

1. NBA Slam Dunk Contest 2000

And the winner is… Vince Carter. His performance in 2000 was just unreal. You can print a poster of all of his dunks that night. Vinsanity’s 360 windmill dunk is my all time favorite. Enjoy!

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