• Best Of Kiss Cam

Best Of Kiss Cam

Today is Valentine’s Day. You better have your romantic love game on point. Since kissing is a huge part of that you should practice a little for your date tonight. But you have to earn that kiss from your love. Especially when in public. The kiss cam has caught a lot of attempts on tape. Classy, romantic, or disgusting: Kiss cam has seen it all. Some kiss cam situation got out of hand a bit. Now see for yourself. ┬áThese are our 10 favorite kiss cam videos.

10. Beer Over Girlfriend Part 1

9. Ashton Kutcher Kiss Cam On Point With Mila Kunis

8. Break Up On Kiss Cam

7. “I’m her husband”

6. Lance Stephenson Kiss Cam Game

5. Sister

4. Beer Over Girlfriend Part 2

3. Presidential Kiss Cam

2. Benny The Bull

1. He’s the man

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