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Bobbito Garcia – Where’d You Get Those?

Where’d You Get Those?

Legendary radio host, DJ, basketball prodigy and sneaker connoisseur Bobbito Garcia aka DJ Cucumber Slice aka Kool Bob Love has done it again. He put his magic into a collaboration with Puma to bring back the roots of NYC sneaker culture. Say hello to the Puma x Bobbito Garcia Clyde and Suede Mid respectively. Both models perfectly demonstrate where New York’s sneaker culture comes from: basketball. The Clyde, a signature model named after legendary Knicks guard Walt “Clyde” Frazier, and the Suede Mid have a long history in basketball and hip hop culture, as they were popular models among B-Boys during hip hop’s early days. Thus Bobbito has made a logical choice by picking these old-school Pumas as the models which represent his famous “Where’d You Get Those?” expression.


You can check out and shop both models here!

KICKZ and Bobbito

So now that you know a little bit about Bobbito, did you know that KICKZ and Bobbito go way back? We’ve known each other for years. Our relationship traces back to the late 1990s and in 2004 Bobbito created his own version of the K1X Chiefglider. Bobbito recalls the meetings with KICKZ/K1X CEO Chris Grosse and the guys being a lot fun and playing ball with each other. Never not ballin! With Bobbito being a true New York original, he was deeply impressed by the KICKZ Crew’s know-how and true love for the game of basketball. A friendship developed and Bobbito became a member of the KICKZ/K1X Family.

Although in the meantime he has had collabos with Puma, Nike and Pro Keds, the K1X Chiefglider will always have a special status in his career. The Chiefglider was Bobbito’s first collaboration ever! He explained the inspiration behind his Chiefglider design as an homage to BOUNCE, his own basketball magazine. Therefore he put the logo on the side of the shoe. The uncommon color scheme included burnt orange, which Bobbito refers to as a “mean color”, a color you rarely see on sneakers. However, a couple of years later, Texas standouts Kevin Durant and D.J. Augustin popularized the color through their efforts in the Longhorns jersey. Thus Bobbito produced a unique design to match his unique personality.



An OG to the fullest, Bobbito is not only a veteran in the game, be it basketball, rap or sneakers, he also spreads his knowledge and wisdom across the globe in books and documentaries. His critically acclaimed work Where’d You Get Those? is an ode to NYC’s sneaker culture from as early as 1960 up until 1987 and his documentaries cement his status as one of the experts when it comes to hip hop, basketball and sneakers. His accomplishments range from hosting video games to being the first Latino reporter for the New York Knicks to appearing in movies and documentaries. Bobbito also showed his expertise in the famous sneaker documentary Just for Kicks, in which he gave first hand insights into the New York Sneaker scene. You can check out the video below! He continues to tour the world as a DJ and basketball ambassador. Bobbito has already visited his KICKZ fam in Munich and Berlin in the past, so you never know, maybe he’ll return to rock a party near you some time in the future…


CEO Chris Grosse and Bobbito Garcia in ’04

As the friendship between Bobbito Garcia and KICKZ still lives on, we are proud to be one of the few stores to get the Puma x Bobbito Garcia Pack!

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