• Converse CT II Shield

Canvas, whatever the weather: Converse CT II Shield



Thick drops are pounding against the glass. Rain is pouring down. The look out the window is anything but enjoyable. Right now, going outside does not seem like the greatest option. At all. You cannot help it though. Work. Friends. An appointment. Just something is waiting. You have to leave home. You have to conquer the weather.

Usually, if sun was shining – or at least, if it wasn’t raining – you’d put on your beloved Chucks. But now? Now you have to settle for another shoe to shine, right? Well, no! Long before you knew, you had to leave home on a rainy day, Converse has started to conquer the weather.



Now they have basically fulfilled dreams. They took a legend and gave it something, everyone – maybe actively, maybe subconsciously – has been waiting for. Back in the day, the Chuck Taylor All Star was no shoe, people would necessarily wear once weather got a little less enjoyable.

I mean, canvas on a rainy day? Come on. You might as well walk around barefoot. Not anymore. Because the legend has gotten even better. Because Converse equipped the Chuck Taylor All Star II Shield with some nice water repellent shield canvas. Right, WATER REPELLENT shield canvas. Canvas, whatever the weather.



Moreover, a gusseted tongue helps to keep water where it belongs. Outside the shoe! Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

After all, inventing the most legendary sneaker in history, creating a silhouette that prevails over almost 100 years, is a pretty decent job in its own right. Eliminating weaknesses, implementing a comfy Lunarlon insole while mastering the juggling act between monument protection and innovation is quite some achievement.

But transforming the first ever basketball shoe basically into an all-weather sneaker? That’s genius. Especially since the Chuck II Shield does not lose an inch of this classic, timeless elegance that makes a Chuck so special. Even with water repellent canvas a legend remains a legend. A Chuck remains A Chuck.

So should you now see thick drops pounding against your window, but still have to leave home, all you need is an umbrella and the Chuck Taylor All Star II Shield.

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