The Under Armour Curry 3 Human Torch


Steph Curry listens carefully while commissioner Adam Silver praises his performance during the 2015/16 NBA-season. Silver goes on to laud the performance of a historic Warriors team that had just set a new record for regular-season wins and, of course, the performance of the fans who enjoy turning Oracle into Roaracle. Steph Curry still listens. He is about to receive the MVP-trophy. For the second time in a row. For the first time in history with a unanimous vote. Things are great.

A couple weeks go later. Kyrie has just hit a three over Curry to give the Cavs a four-point lead in game seven of the finals. Curry’s desperation three on the other side hits iron, Cleveland wins the championship. For the first time in franchise history. For the first time in NBA-history a team, the Golden State Warriors, has blown a 3-1 lead in the finals. Things aren’t great anymore.

A New Weapon to Make that Old

This loss sticks. That’s why Curry is not a happy man these day. All the achievements. The winning record. The insane numbers. The MVP. That’s old, he claims. The frustration, the loss – that’s fresh. Something, he needs to make old now. A man, mad, is on mission.

That man wants his second ring – and he has got a new weapon at his side. No, I’m not talking about Kevin Durant here. Although KD definitely will not hurt the Warriors’ chase for championship number two, Steph Curry’s new weapon is much closer. It almost fuses with the two-time MVP.

The Curry 3 – All New, All Great

The weapon, I’m talking about, calls itself Under Armour Curry 3 and is Mr. Stephen Curry’s third signature shoe. Moreover, it a shoe that heavily distinguishes itself from its predecessors. Just look at it. The silhouette. The design. Everything is new. Nothing seems old. Looks do not help you win championships, though. Performance does.

Hence, Under Armour equipped the Curry 3 with a new woven upper, that delivers lightweight directional strength to support Steph’s fiery game. Threadborne is the name, a parachute’s lightweight, stretchy materials the inspiration. Definitely looks like UA developed an upper, that perfectly suits all those cuts, changes in direction and crossovers, Curry so elegantly delivers during a game of basketball.

Support Plus Cushion Equals Spectacle

Yet, there is more. Anafoam, a technology some might know from the Curry 1, delivers body-mapped fit, lightweight structure and support. The Meta-Wing, a carbon fiber shank, provides locked-in stability through the heel, arch and forefoot.

Sounds nice, you might thing. But what about the cushion, you might ask. Well, ever heard of Charged? This responsive, yet comfy cushion that enhances first-step speed? That’s what helped Curry deliver when stepping on the court in recent years. And that’s what will help him doing the exact same thing this season.

The Human Torch Exclusive at KICKZ

Apparently, we have just met a pretty impressive performance shoe. A shoe, that should be able to keep up with Steph’s jaw-dropping game – which brings us right back to the looks. Because, as much as one needs technology, one still wants to look good while playing ball in front of millions of people, right?

That’s why, KICKZ is happy to exclusively bring the Under Armour Curry 3’s Human Torch colorway to Germany. Dressed in Bolt Orange it reminds everyone of the one guy that is able to light up within seconds. The walking heat check. The human torch, Mr. Stephen Curry. Things are definitely on their way to being good again.

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