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KICKZ and Jordan Brand are celebrating the upcoming Air Jordan XI Space Jam release on Dec. 10th by offering something very special: a Space Jam collector‘s box. As a pure collector‘s item each wooden box was custom made by hand and comes with one pair of Air Jordan XIs, a Space Jam T-Shirt, Space Jam snapback and an exclusive „Michael‘s secret stuff“ drinking bottle.

In case you have been living under a rock, this year marks the 20th anniversary of the classic animated movie Space Jam and with it the Air Jordan XI shoe in the iconic black&concord Space Jam colorway. Back in the day, fresh off his return from baseball, MJ debuted the shoe against the Orlando Magic during the 1995 playoffs, before it officially became his game shoe for the following – championship winning – season.

Today the Air Jordan XI is arguably the most sought after Jordan model of them all with the Space Jam colorway being among the most popular. In fact, an online survey conducted by KICKZ in 2011 had 64 different Air Jordan models pitted against eachother in tournament style. In the end the Air Jordan XI Concord and the Air Jordan XI Space Jam were the last two shoes standing, with the Concord edging out the Space Jam just barely.

If you are still unclear about the magnitude of this release, we would like to remind you, that this is the shoe that literally changed the way how Jordan Brand releases footwear. When the 2000 re-release dropped on Wednesday, Dec. 13th, mid-week releases were commonplace for Jordan Brand. But kids skipping school and missing midterm exams to stand in line for the Space Jam colorway – thus drawing angry phone calls from parents and teachers – changed Jordan Brand‘s strategy. Releases are primarily taking place on Saturdays now.

We feel this boxset masterpiece symbolizes the unmatched status of the Air Jordan XI in the basketball community perfectly and we are proud to present this to our customers and fellow sneakerheads.

Strictly limited to 200 units worldwide.


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