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Founded in 1993 during the „Golden Era“, when NBA basketball went global and hip hop culture took over the streets, K1X was created „for ballers by ballers“ in a grassroots movement to supply streetballers and rap heads with an alternative to mainstream brands. The „Nation of Hoop“ supplies specialized products that allow around-the-clock identification with our beloved basketball-culture. The product range features authentic footwear, apparel, accessories and hardware mostly for men and – to a smaller extent – also for women.

K1X identifies with hustling ballplayers and with tireless workers, who completely personify the claim: Play hard – don‘t embarrass the K1X products. Their strong focus on authentic marketing initiatives, such as celebrity-seeding and artist-collaborations have resulted in a rich PR output. K1X had them all: from basketball icons such as Charles Oakley (New York Knicks legend), Muggsy Bogues (Charlotte Hornets legend), James White (NBA Slam Dunk contestant), Ron Artest (NBA bad boy), Team Sierra Leone and Team Flight Brothers to artists like Patrick Mohr, Lil Thugs, Stay High 149 and Bill McMullen. Opinion leading hip hop artists such as Saigon, Method Man & Redman, J.Cole, Joell Ortiz, Red Cafe, Macklemore, Kid Astro and Mac Miller worked with K1X as well in order to design products with authenticity and the love for basketball and hip hop.

K1X has developed multiple collections, for men and women, specifically catering to a variety of customer-needs. K1X Authentic, K1X Core and K1X Hardwood are the main collections for ballers on and off court. In 2017, the “Nation of Hoop” presents bball enthusiasts once again fresh new product lines full with creativity and credibility. For ballers by ballers!



The K1X Authentic collection is the never-out-of-stock collection, combining basic silhouettes with premium materials and seasonal color-updates. Always guided by future trends, this season’s basic classics come with a washed-out look, open edges and summerly “feel good” vibes. The products convince with premium and extra comfy materials – the perfect fit for everyone. Featuring tees, tank tops, wifebeaters, crewnecks, hoodies, sweatpants and headwear, the collection of 2017 builds on a discrete used-look with – despite previous lines – rather big branding. The Authentic clothes will be your favorite pieces for every day and the perfect style statement for the street. Check out the latest K1X Authentic collection in lilly white, flint grey, citadel and washed black:






The K1X Core “Uncoachable Series”, one of the latest collections of the basketball brand, pays tribute to basketball’s free flowing and creative nature. In a way, it is a high-five to what they call “Park Authority”: That special level of streetwise skills only a few top players bring to the court. Here‘s to white chocolate‘s elbow pass. To buzzer beaters. To in-your-face dunks and one-handed rebounds. To AI‘s practice rant. To inspirational huddle speeches. To Rodman‘s late night excursions. To witty trash talk. And to hustling ballplayers all over the nation of hoop.


Providing a maximum of proprietary performance technology features (FNCTN), functional A-grade material and basketball-specific detailing, the series is K1X’s premium offering for gym rats and streetball individuals. The functional sportswear is engineered for full performance, featuring feel-good materials like the new high-distance shell, athletic cotton-poly blend, functional waffle and revised outerwear coating. The new AthLeasure collection by K1X Core is more functional than a Swiss pocket knife. Whether for streetball, work-out, for traveling or for the street – the K1X Core “The Uncoachable Series” is the contribution to your game and style!





Created with mighty basketball expertise, the K1X Hardwood collection brings K1X’s unique flavor to team basketball. Its selection is never out of stock, always including multiple uniform combinations such as jerseys, shorts, shooting shirts, warm-up suits, sweats, towels bags, balls etc. K1X has always equipped different basketball teams all over Germany, Belgium and the Czech Republic with their “K1X Hardwood” collection. Various technical enhancements have been designed for the different team-sets of this year’s 2016/2017 collection. Professional team gear has never looked that stylish and at the same time, enriched your game – for Ballers by ballers!


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Started from the University now she‘s here: Sophia was drafted this season as an intern and now represents the female voice in the team. Collecting shoes like others collect souvenirs while traveling, she leaves no country without at least two new kickz in her backpack. The franconian sneakerhead knows every sneaker blog by heart, but when it comes to a favorite brand, there is only one true love in her life: NIKES on her feet keep her cypher complete. Hobbies include: cheering for her Wine & Gold, eating sushi all day every day and playing beerpong. #nevernotballin

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