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AS1 Summer League – Germany’s finest Streetball!

Back in June, a collaborative project between KICKZ, adidas and the Alba Creators Lounge started with a bang, the AS1 Summer League! The location is unlike any other. A streetball court surrounded by the rails of the S-Bahn, the streets and the river Spree. One of a kind!

So it’s just fitting that the competition is just as special. 10 teams battle it out all summer long trying to get their hands on the championship trophy!

The action continues this Saturday at 2:00pm! Come by Alt Stralau 1, Berlin and enjoy the finest streetball while having some delicious food and drinks!

ALBA Berlin presenting their new jerseys for the 2017/18 season!

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Philip is a 2-time KICKZ Bowling Champ who manages the Instagram account. He is a tatted up sneakerhead with an immeasurable amount of useless knowledge inside his humongous brain. Being a fan of Penny Hardaway in his childhood, he tried to model his game after the lengthy Orlando point guard and became a solid all around weapon on offense with a soft touch and unlimited range. Nowadays he walks around in his SB Nikes, Vans and Retro Basketball Shoes and eats like a vacuum cleaner. LeBron = GOAT.

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