KICKZ Performance Review: adidas D.O.N. Issue #2

Photo by Albi Quito (2020)

Ray here, with my fifth review on the KICKZ Blog and this time I am taking a look at Donovan MITCHELL’s second signature sneaker. A couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to test the first edition of the D.O.N. Issue, which was quite solid. So I was definitely looking forward to seeing what updates the Spida’s new shoe 🕷 has in store.


Designwise, adidas went with a low cut version for Donovan MITCHELL again. Nothing wrong with it, but comparing it to its predecessor, I am not finding too many differences when it comes to the overall silhouette. So no surprises in this regard. Positive nor negative. Another thing both versions have in common is the weight. With 432 g, not quite the lightweight. The thing that stands out to me however, is the overall look. I mean, you can once again expect a great variety of colorways for this model. And Marvel is also back on board and starts it off with a screamer. The Spidey Sense is a definite eyecatcher. Just look at the main color 💥. What makes this version even more interesting are the details. You will find a good amount of Spiderman 🕸 hints everywhere (upper, inside, outsole, etc.). What’s also cool, are those reflective panels on the upper, which give the shoe a nice finish. Also keep an eye out for the boxes. Marvel editions will come with an Avengers themed box! Nice touch.


Mostly mesh with some reinforcements in high wear areas but nothing fancy here. Comparing the materials to other recently tested models, these feel less minimal and pretty thick, which some may even find a bit bulky. Nonetheless, the setup works. The materials still feel soft, are comfortable, work well with any kind of movements and did not require any break-in time at all. I would say a brief upgrade compared to the D.O.N. Issue #1.


adidas went with a spiderweb pattern on the D.O.N. Issue #2 and a translucent outsole on this particular colorway. While the former served the shoe’s theme very well, the latter may be the reason for the inconsistencies that I was experiencing with these. I especially had difficulties with getting traction on hard cuts or direction changes, which occasionally had me sliding out of position or having to replant my feet. Overall, it never quite felt like they had the hardest bite and you should be prepared to wipe frequently. However, I am hopeful that versions with a solid outsole provide better performance as I have had problems with translucent outsoles in the past. Grip was unfortunately again the biggest letdown for me with this signature series.


Contrary to last year’s version, the full length Bounce cushioning in this one felt quite responsive. There was a good amount of compression in the heel and pretty good impact protection overall, which was nice. It certainly felt way bouncier than the first D.O.N.s. Court feel was okay but could have been better for my liking. In comparison to the 2019 version, adidas definitely upgraded this area for Donovan MITCHELL though. Nice!


Finding the right fit was again a bit challenging for me. Going true to size left me with a very snug fit in the forefoot and pressure from different angles. Felt somewhat weird and I didn’t quite like that. Therefore I went up half a size. Ultimately, this felt better but came out to be a bit too loose in the heel area, which resulted in some occasional (minor) heel slippages. If you don’t mind that, you should be fine. However, I would definitely recommend trying these on as I still have not quite figured out the right fit for me yet. I think true to size could work, if the materials break-in and expand a little bit. But as mentioned before, the mesh is pretty thick and I wasn‘t sure if that would happen to an extent, that would give me the right fit 🤷‍♂️.


Support is the strongest aspect in this signature series. The wide base provides good stability and the materials on the upper are strong enough to offer good support with lateral movements. If it was not for those occasional heel slippages, which I would however attribute to the fitting problems, I would consider these quite supportive. Just as a little heads up, if you are looking for anything that restricts ankle mobility, these may not be the right ones for you as you get zero feedback around your ankles.

Bottom Line

I would definitely consider the adidas D.O.N. Issue #2 an upgrade over the Issue #1. Support was once again the strongest aspect of this model. Don’t mind the low cut too much. I felt quite safe in these and think that they have the right features to provide good stability. What I also enjoyed, was the improved cushioning in these. The Bounce foam was far more tangible and present than in the former rendition of Donovan MITCHELL’s signature shoe. However, once again traction turned out to be a challenge and finding the right fit was also quite complicated. So try them on, if you get a chance and maybe opt for a version with a solid outsole. Ultimately, for EUR 100,- this is a good performer from the lower price segment and definitely worth a try!


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