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Ja Morant wowed fans as a rookie and gave Memphis Grizzlies supporters hope for the future. It’s often said that especially point guards don’t contribute that much to victories in their first season. Morant proved to be an exception. But he is also not the first! In the end, it just wasn’t enough. Even though […]

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Lights, Camera, Action! We arranged the most infamous commercials with NBA players for you. Those are probably iconic by any means.  So sit back, relax and enjoy the show! We’re starting off in chronological order – first in line Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson and his KFC commercial from 1991: Due to the fact that 1991 was […]

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Dafuq? Did-you-knows about the NBA.

The NBA has some great history! You don’t believe us? We looked through the archives, various books, hours of YouTube videos and anywhere else you could find some absolute golden nuggets and stories. Enjoy! Here are the eight NBA franchises that existed for only one season: Toronto Huskies, Pittsburgh Ironmen, Detroit Falcons, Cleveland Rebels (all […]

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