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KICKZ Performance Review: adidas D.O.N. Issue #3

Von Ray Singca 24/11/2021 Blog , Performance Shoe Test



Hey KICKZ Fam! How is it going? I hope you are having a great season! Need some new footwear to underline your silky smooth game? How about the latest Donovan MITCHELL shoe? I recently got a chance to test them and would like to share my thoughts in this review with you. Let’s have a look at the adidas D.O.N. Issue #3.





As expected, another low cut for Donovan MITCHELL. No surprises here. Pretty decent build, I would say. Looking at the silhouette, it seems a bit flat in the midfoot and toe areas and gives us a little hint on how the front of the first Issues were built. While the shape may not quite catch your attention, these will just flat out visually convince you with multiple colorways and themes. I mean, just look at the Mike Wazowski edition in this review 👁. Once again, adidas just pretty much nails the underlying theme and delivers another fan favorite 🔥. From a technical standpoint, the D.O.N. Issue #3 is the lightest of the whole signature line. Coming in at 415 g, it is about 20 g lighter than both previous versions. Hopefully a good sign for future releases as I have always wondered how low cuts could be as heavy as the first two.



The usual stuff we already got accustomed to with MITCHELL’s signature series. No premiums or any innovative lightweight materials. Just the basics, which however simply get the job done. The textile material is pretty flexible and moves well with any kinds of stops, gos or direction changes. Further, it feels pretty durable itself, while high wear areas are additionally reinforced with fuse and rubber panels. Another plus is how the textile felt ready out of the box. I did not really need any break-in time. These felt comfortable from the get-go. Maybe the best combination of materials I have seen on a D.O.N. Issue so far.





I have always found the traction in the Issue series a bit challenging. However, adidas did a pretty decent job here and provided a solid setup. Once again, not necessarily the hardest bite but definitely an upgrade compared to its predecessors as I have not experienced any kind of sliding out this time around. Sure, stops could have been harder and direction changes could have been crisper with better traction but it’s definitely an improvement over both previous versions and an obvious step in the right direction 👍🏼. Further, the outsole looks quite durable and should do okay outdoors as well.



After two seasons of Bounce, Donovan MITCHELL switched over to Lightstrike, which definitely helped with shedding some weight. From a technical view, this version of the Issue uses a full-length Lightstrike setup, which feels quite responsive and offers some pretty solid court feel. However, the Issues still do not necessarily provide the bounciest cushioning and also do not offer the softest landing. Still solid enough though.



This is definitely the best D.O.N. Issue that has ever fit me. I went true to size and the shoe felt pretty comfortable right from the beginning. No pinching, jamming or any other distractions that would keep you and your mind from balling out. Another welcome improvement is the heel setup. This was actually the first time I did not experience any heel slippages in a Donovan MITCHELL shoe. Another element that made this sneaker a bit more enjoyable for me.



Support is usually the strongest part of the D.O.N. Issue series and this latest version is no exception. For me it definitely starts with the upgraded fit, which keeps you locked down and prevents those occasional heel slippages that I have experienced with the previous D.O.N.s. Laterally, the TPU wings have you covered and keep you contained on the footbed. Stability was also not an issue, as the wider base keeps you from tilting from side to side. If you are someone that needs feedback around the ankles, these may not be the right choice for you. But apart from that, they do a good job in terms of support.




Bottom Line

I think this is the best version of the D.O.N. Issue so far as adidas managed to upgrade many aspects of this shoe compared to its two predecessors, which made the #3 an overall better experience for me. While I think cushioning and traction could still use some work, I definitely like how the fit was improved and how some of the weight was lost. Additionally, the materials on this one are better than the ones used on the previous versions, in my opinion. Yes, the price went up by ten bucks and is at EUR 110,- now, but given how these offer actual upgrades, I think the raise is fair and justified. Overall, a solid shoe at a good price.



Any questions? Find me on Instagram & Twitter under @ONEtothe2 or leave a comment below.

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