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Summer of 3x3

Von Robbin Barberan 04/05/2022 3x3 , Blog

Summer is upon us and after two Covid-stricken years it is finally time to get out, catch some rays and ball!


But what to do? There's streetball and there's 3x3. At first glance you might think they're the same but in reality they are clearly not.


Let's take a closer look here. Streetball has always been first and foremost about passion. Though not always pretty there is no denying that the improvisational, flowing style of play and move/countermove nature is an artform that in its purest form could be compared to Jazz. At the same time it is also a rather rough activity which does not allow physical weakness. If you adhere to the notion that basketball is supposed to be contact free, playing streetball is definitely not for you.


Take the annual "K1X Park Authority" tournament in Munich for example. These games are not for the faint of heart and many people who are usually quite good at "basketball" have been steamrolled by the competition, leaving the court as surprised as they were humbled.


Without any referee the flow of streetball completely relies on the respect and communication between players. Traveling and carrying the ball is quasi-accepted if it results in a spectacular move. Calling a travel on your opponent can lead to ridicule and mocking, which is also part of the game. Mastering the trash talk means you master the court, while distracting your counterpart and entertaining the crowd is just as important as the actual game. These various aspects have made streetball such an attractive show to watch.


Ballers of a certain age remember the insane popularity of the AND1 mixtapes in the late 90s early 00s, which were 30 to 45-minute long VHS tapes full of handheld video footage showing the greatest moves from legendary streetballers like 'Skip 2 My Lou', 'Helicopter' and 'Hot Sauce'.



At the end of the day, however, streetball is a game. You go home empty handed, except for the glory and sometimes trophy you have nothing. You can't make a living with your streetball talent and the lack of organizational structure makes it impossible to measure up against non-local competition. 


Streetball is fun and it should be. That is why public courts are the cradles of basketball. Everyone who likes to pick up a ball and play can do so on a streetball court. This is where it all begins and if you ask around, almost all professional ball players today started playing outside with friends before they joined a professional (indoor) club.


Keeping these courts in good playing condition is paramount to promoting the game of basketball in neighborhoods and communities. For instance, EZBB is an organization that is working hard to redefine streetball in Germany, by refurbishing old basketball courts starting with the two courts at the feet of European Central Bank. Working together with EZBB in this and future endeavors stresses our commitment to support the ever-growing streetball community in Germany and is a stepping stone for a pan-european streetball network.


In the meanwhile, 3x3 is already a step further. As the organized, professional and - yes, Olympic - sibling of streetball it is its own sport.


No more questions if it's a travel or a foul. There is a ref. No more wondering if this guy is better than that guy. There is a ranking. And no more going home empty handed. There are tournaments and championships all over the world.


One of the most exciting things about 3x3 basketball is that it's also a great equalizer. If you are good, you can play on the same stage as pros, WNBA stars and Olympians. Kelsey Plum, point guard of the Las Vegas Aces (WNBA), has won the Gold Medal for Team USA's 3x3 Team. Our homegirl Satou Sabally (Dallas Wings, WNBA) has been playing 3x3 for years. And players like Dusan Bulut and Stefan Stojacic are absolute 3x3 specialists.


WNBA star Satou Sabally reppin Germany in 3x3 // đź“·: Deutscher Basketball Bund


In short: 3x3 is streetball reborn in competitive and structured form sanctioned by FIBA. As KICKZ we are therefore especially proud and thrilled to be the official partner of 'ING 3x3' and '3x3 Germany' this summer!


"We are very excited to be a partner of the ING 3×3 Tour and to have even more of an opportunity to help advance the sport of basketball in Germany on a grassroots level. As a basketball authenticator that is very proud of its own decades-long streetball tradition, the upcoming 3×3 Tour is a true back-to-the-roots event for us that we are eagerly anticipating,"
- Mark Petereit, KICKZ Co-CEO


All players will receive a brandnew jersey and shorts exclusively designed for the 3x3 tournaments. For each stop of the ING 3x3 tour we will also implement a KICKZ 1on1 battle, so all players have the chance to win a little something on the side.


In any case, summer of '22 will go down as one of the greatest summers in 3x3 history! Now, post-Covid, all players are aching to get out there and play some serious ball. 


Let's gooo!


ING 3x3 tourdates:

Cologne, June 3-4

Berlin, June 24-26 (German Championship)

Hamburg, July 8-9 (FIBA 3x3 Challenger)

Frankfurt, July 29-31 (Champions Trophy + U18 Championship)


3x3 Germany tourdates:

Göttingen, June 10-12

Bremen, July 1-3

Kiel, July 28-30

Erfurt, August 12-14

Berlin, August 19-21

Hannover, September 02-04

Dresden (indoor), tbd

Leipzig (indoor), September 30 - October 2


To participate please register at 3x3 Germany.


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