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Soulland, as a relative newcomer to the fashion game, was formed in 2002 by Danish amateur skateboarder Silas Adler who wanted to create a progressive Scandinavian label for t-shirts and sweatshirts while using the rich culture that shaped his childhood. The name ‘Soulland’ is a direct translation of the word ‘sjælland’, the island of which Denmark is part of, and therefore was an easy choice for his brand.

But Soulland’s Scandinavian influence does not stop there. Soulland is mixing the elements of a clean, contemporary design that Scandinavians are known for with today’s streetwear for t-shirts and sweatshirts. What started as a few printed t-shirts has evolved into one of the most popular brands for young, style-conscious men who looked for a haven between streetwear and high-end fashion. Today, Soulland’s lineup consists of t-shirts, sweatshirts, pants, beanies and jackets.

One of Soulland’s strengths is the versatility of its products. Being able to mix and match its various styles is a fundamental part of the Soulland’s identity while producing high quality menswear with clear links to counter-culture, a keen eye for contrasts in society and strong statements.

The fanbase Soulland has generated since 2002 is nothing short of astonishing. Coverage in various publications like GQ and The Guardian have grown Soulland’s following well beyond the borders of Europe, inspiring customers as well as other designers with a glowing example of how to break down long established fashion-walls with a clear vision.

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