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Wood Wood

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Danish high end fashion label Wood Wood was born in 2002 in Copenhagen and has evolved from a small shop to a highly respected contemporary streetwear brand. Merging high fashion, sports and street vibes with youth culture, art and music has been Wood Wood’s specialty from the very beginning and have since then collaborated on a number of projects with sports giants like Nike, adidas, New Balance and Converse.

What started out with a couple of graffiti inspired printed t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies has turned into a well established and design-focused fashion brand showing its collections in London and Florence. Using new takes on classic silhouettes with a clear sports-fashion approach, Wood Wood is staying true to their sub-cultural heritage.

Even though a clear proponent of typical scandinavian understatement and clean lines, Wood Wood has managed to carve out their own niché in a highly competitive market by combining style and function and always finding the perfect balance between the two.