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Anima sana in corpore sane – a healthy mind in a healthy body. From this latin phrase the name Asics is derived and it is also the motto of the company. Kihachiro Onitsuka founded Onitsuka Co. Ltd. in the Japanese town of Kobe in 1949, because he wanted to encourage children to do sports. The sneakers with the eye-catching stripes were distributed very fast and became also a big seller outside of Japan. In 1977 Onitsuka merged with two other companies and was renamed as Asics. Shortly after that the first Asics research laboratory was built in Kobe, focusing on the development of sportshoes. It was here where the trend-setting Gel-Cushioningsystem was invented, which today is a part of numerous running shoes. Nowadays the worldwide success of Asics is also based on the lifestyle sneakers, which have risen to status of a cult-classic.
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