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Black Scale

Black Scale, or BLVCK SCVLE, was founded in 2007 in San Francisco by Michael “Mega“ Yabut and Alfred De Tagle. Both were managing the local HUF store back then and started designing their own T-Shirts. They wanted to created a darker line that was very different from the styles sold at HUF or elsewhere in the city. They sold the first shirts in the store but soon expanded to different shops when demand was on the rise. What started as a part-time project grew so rapidly and became so demanding that HUF owner Keith Hufner fired Yabut, which in turn freed him to concentrate on developing Black Scale. Despite being fired Yabut didn't burn the bridge and Black Scale still colleborates with HUF and many other hot brands.

Black Scale – Dark styles from the Bay Area and spectacular collaborations

And spectacular collaborations are indeed one of Black Scale's trademarks. Tattoo artist Jun Cha and rapper A$AP Rocky are only to examples of the people working with the California brand. Through the vessel of fashion & style, Black Scale brings balance to the lie within the truth interpreted by way of graphic art, clothing and accessories inspired by religion, government, identity and death. Black Scale challenges the consumer to question the ideals of everyday society and to decipher the world objectively, disregarding the view of the status quo. The goal for Black Scale is to evoke emotions and to create topics of discussion through their designs and to encourage the consumer to leave no stone unturned when searching for one’s own truth.
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