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Born X Raised

The streetwear brand BORN X RAISED comes straight from the streets of Los Angeles, California. The city is not only known for its movie industry. There is also another side besides fame, media and celebrities. In LA the latin and native american culture is pretty distinct. Crime is omnipresent as LA is one of the cities with the highest number of street gangs which totals more than 400. People who grew up and live in this environment speak their own language, follow their own rules and live their own way of life. They are proud of what they are and where they live. Born x Raised embraces this flair in its philosophy and fully reflects it in its clothing line.

Born x Raised – „We did not choose where we grew up, we were lucky“

Cryptic letterings, big backprints and gang references are definitely no understatement. The guys from Born x Raised clearly have a message to spread. Hoodies, T-shirts, beanies and caps are part of the apparel and the collection keeps on growing. The streetwear brand even collaborated with Reebok and launched an own Classic sneaker. Even rap genius Kendrick Lamar is a fan of the clothing line. But for the people behind Born x Raised it is not about T-shirts, blogs, media and fame. All they want is to show their love and respect for the place where they were born and raised.
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