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Leather is not just for boots. BOXFRESH proves that it can be used to design some of the freshest sneakers that streetwear has to offer. The brand with roots in London was founded in 1989 and is one of the groundbreakers of streetwear culture in Britain. Starting with a store for different streetwear brands in Covent Garden, Boxfresh would soon become one of the big players in streetwear distribution. About ten years after their foundation the label started to create it s own urban wear – with success. Nowadays the brand's apparel and sneakers are available all over the world.

Boxfresh – look good in leather

Sneakers from Boxfresh come with a classy yet sporty design. Most of the models are made of high class leather but the label also provides various canvas sneakers with high breathability. The name Boxfresh evolved from the hip-hop terminology for a pair of trainers being “fresh out of the box“. And Boxfresh absolutely knows how to make this feeling irreplaceable.
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