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When Kashio Seisakujo founded Casio in 1946, he set the alarm for a revolution in the world of electronics. He had the vision to produce electronics which increase life quality and make work a bit easier. 8 years later Casio was able to produce the first calculator ever. In the beginning, the calculators were so expensive that only few people could afford to enjoy one.

CASIO – digits over clockwork

In 1974, Casio decided to bring one of the first electronic watches to the world. It had no clockwork and was only working electronically. Over the times Casio developed and added features from a timer, an alarm function and a built-in backlight to watches with temperature, pressure and even GPS display. Nowadays, Casio is firmly established in streetwear and their wrist watches enjoy cult status. The accessory was worn in movies like Bad Boys, The Italian Job and Mission Impossible where they always played a defining role because of their reliable and effective features. And who thinks „time is money“ is wrong this time as the watches are available for a very fair price. So it does not matter if black, gold or silver, the clocks are a must-have for every retro fan.
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