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When you hear the name Nike Cortez you immediately think of one of the most iconic movies of all time: Forrest Gump! Considerable screen time during the Academy Award winning movie made this running shoe pioneer of 1972 even more popular than it already was. Worn by one of the greatest characters in movie history, the Nike Cortez became an icon in pop- & sports history.

„Run Forrest, Run!“ - Originally developed for athletes, the Cortez quickly became the darling of the public. Its vintage silhouette has not changed a bit during the decades, the outer herringbone sole and the reinforced lacing bar are just like back in the day. Only the colorways have changed considerably. There are literally hundreds of possibilities now to color coordinate your favorite piece of clothing with a matching Cortez.

Looking at the shoe Forrest just could not say `NO´ and to this day there is no reason not to integrate this shoe into your own collection.Timeless, plain, comfortable and durable enough for marathons – this sneaker is a must-have in our book!

Nike Cortez