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Crooks And Castles

Throughout history and fiction Good vs Bad is the ultimate battle. Batman or the Joker? James Bond or Le Chiffre? He- man or Sceletor? The LA based brand CROOKS AND CASTLES clearly backs the „cooler“ bad guys and favors a villainous lifestyle. Having grown up in the streets of the City of the Angels, the founders Dennis Calvero and Robert Panlilio wanted to embrace their way of life in a unique streetwear label. In 2002 they made a real job of it and founded Crooks and Castles.

Crooks and Castles – behind every castle stands a crook

The designs are known for their big prints and loud colors. In a lot of Crooks and Castles collections the brand uses well-known logos from other labels and modifies these with creativity and a pinch of humor. Calvero even went so far as to organize an exhibition of the best prints on canvas. Superstars like Jay Z, Justin Bieber and Drake wear the brand's apparel and show that there's a little crook in all of us.
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