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Diamond Supply Co

Nicolas Tershay (aka Nick Diamond) proves that big ideas don't need big space. A humble one-bedroom in San Francisco was enough for the skateboarder and designer to create one of the most significant brands in the streetwear scene: DIAMOND SUPPLY CO. Starting small, the brand evolved quickly under the umbrella of famous skateboarding brand Girls and was soon known for the best of hard- and software in the skating scene. The apparel of Diamond Supply Co. has continued to expand over the years and in 2005 sportswear brand Nike showed interest in a collaboration. So it came about that Nick had the honor to create the Diamond “Tiffany“ Dunk SB for Nike. The pair of trainers turned sneakerheads and made people camp out in front of sneaker stores for days.

DIAMOND SUPPLY CO – living the diamond life

Diamond Supply Co. is known for its strong design as well as for creating high quality goods with a long durability. After 15 years of existence Nicolas holds the support of more than 100 skateboarders worldwide like Paul Rodriguez, Eric Koston, Stevie Williams and many more. All of them share the love for skateboarding and the fresh apparel of Diamond Supply Co. You live the diamond life as well? Go grab some apparel at KICKZ and show your love!
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