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The success story of one of the biggest Skateboardlabels in the world begins with a passion. When Johnny Schillereff gets on his deck, he is in his element. Johnny makes this passion to his profession and founds ELEMENT, one of the top skateboarding brands. His formula for success, concentrate on the elementary. Functional skateboards and skategear for skateaddicts.

Element, the pure material of life

ELEMENT started to recruit Skatepros like Chad Muska, Bam Margera and Bucky Lasek for their own team and established itself to one of the world market leader in terms of skatestuff. But ELEMENT ist not only a company, ELEMENT spreads the lifestyle of skateboarding, the feeling of freedom. Boards, shoes, shirts, jackets, hoodies and pants all features a pure design and excellent quality. The ELEMENT-Tree is a recurring symbol and stands for the fact that this brand grow further and further.
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