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Ewing Athletics

In 1989, basketball legend Patrick Ewing was the first active baller to build up his own brand. The former center player is repected as one of the 50 best basketball players of all time and is part of the Basketball Hall of Fame. As legendary as Ewing himself is Ewing Athletics. The brand quickly gained popularity as the shoes were worn by Ewing during his most glorious times. T-Shirts and leather jackets were designed as well. Hip Hop heads like Tupac, Gang Starr and Kriss Kross fueled the hype by wearing Ewing Athletics in music videos and on stage. Even actor Joe Pesci wore the 33 HI which is the most popular model of the brand. Seven years later, Ewing athletics took a big hit by having to close the brand temporarily because of distribution problems. Pat went on wearing Nike for the rest of his career.

Ewing Athletics – a legend never dies

During the years of absence demand started growing for the Ewing Athletics shoes and in 2012 GPF Footwear LLC decided to bring the retro brand back in the game. With success. The releases were sought after more than ever and fans queued up to snatch one of the sneakers. Nowadays, Ewing Athletics continues to bring back the good stuff and we are excited for more.
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