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Fila is one of the sports brands that will always enjoy cult status. But sports was not always the main focus of the brand with Italian roots. Founded in 1909 by the Fila brothers, it started by making clothing for the people in the Italian Alps. In the 1970s Fila decided to produce high-end sportswear and would soon become one of the leading global designers of sportswear. Especially in the tennis market Fila was able to establish itself as a top dog and dared to breake with the tacit rule of only white apparell. Players like Bjorn Bog, Boris Becker, Jennifer Capriati and Monica Seles represented the style with the F-Box logo. But Fila not only accompanied big tennis stars on their way to success and fame. Staying true to their roots, Fila also equipped famous mountaineer Reinhold Messner. When he made history by climbing the mount Everest he wore high-tech mountain gear designed by Fila.

FILA – from italy to the courts of the world

In the 1990s, Fila was omnipresent on the streets and basketball courts. Players like Grant Hill, Jerry Stackhouse and Chris Webber functioned as trendsetters for the brand. Grant Hill was even honored with his own signature shoe. Fila embraced Basketball as well as the golden time of Hip Hop. The godfather of rap Tupac Shakur wore the Fila Grant Hill II on the inlay of his famous Album „All Eyez on me“. As a result also Fila caught the eyes of fans and supporters of the Hip Hop scene in the USA. Fila simbolizes more than 40 years of great sports history and reflects a lifestyle that will never get out of style.
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