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FLEXFIT is one of the big players in the headwear industry. Many modern cap designs are based on the work of one of the world's largest vendors of custom, private-label headwear. Flexfit produces caps for international brands in the field of action, sports and streetwear. It all started with some rough sketches of a new structure in a ”poly-weave spandex“ material and a bunch of like-minded guys with a revolutionary idea.

Flexfit – we make hats. It's the only game we know

The creative spirit of Flexfit lead to various headwear styles that define the nonplus-ultra in the headwear game. Flexfit makes hats for some of the best known brands worldwide. Nike, Reebok, Adidas, Stussy and Puma are just a few of them. At KICKZ you can buy the whole range of plane premium hats. No knick-knack, just innovative style in its purest form.
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