g-shock GBA-400-1AER

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material: steel
Color: black
Brand SKU::  GBA-400-1AER
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material: steel
Color: black
G-SHOCK Bluetooth

Brand information: g-shock

The G-shock could be called the Terminator, the James Bond or the Bear Grylls among all wrist watches. It simply is not your regular watch. The offspring of the famous watch-making company Casio is extremely robust, stylish and full of functions at the same time. G-Shock was developed for outdoor sportsmen and adventurers. You could fight a horde of alligators in the deepest mud and still have a classy look on your watch. Afraid of running out of battery power? Not with G-Shock's built-in solar technology that will never walk out on you. Integrated radio control makes sure you are always on time for your next adventure no matter where you are on the planet. The handling of the allrounder couldn't be easier. You just need one single electronic crown to unfold the endless possibilities G-Shock provides. G-Shocks are not just hell of a chap regarding functionality, they also are in respect of style. The watches can be purchased in endless designs and limited editions.

G-Shock – the toughness itself

The hype started in the 90s when the G-Shock watches got so popular that they became real style icons. Nowadays, the G-Shock can be seen in action in any extreme sports. The watches are worn by sportsmen in Motocross, BMX, Surfing, Skating and so on. And also on screen the G-Shock is a real Blockbuster. Martin Lawrence wears the DW 5900 in „Bad Boys“, Tom Cruise the DW 5300 in „Mission Impossible“ and Keanu Reeves the 5600 in „Speed“. Up and down goes the watch when it is worn on stage by musicians like Kanye West or Pharrell Williams. Summing up in words of Dre and Snoop: the G-Shock is „Nuthin' but a 'G' Thang“.