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GINGKO is a publisher, that focuses on street art, photography and design books. The issues contain prizewinning drawings and photographs and combine these with background stories of extraordinary artists. Gingko is influenced by many different art movements. The publisher's view on art is very broad, so that modern movements find their way in the colorful books as well as established underground art like graffiti and street art. Topics are for example the history of graffiti bombing in France or the introduction of artists that make designs for skateboards. You don't need to go to the museum to consider yourself an art interested person. Just grab a gingko paperback and take some leisure time.

GINGKO – short-lived art in long-lived books

Gingko Press was originally founded in Hamburg, Germany. In 1991 Mo Cohen and Julie von der Ropp built up a first field office in Santa Rosa, California. Ever since the publisher operates from the USA and launches the issues in English language to reach a larger crowd. Gingko also collaborates with various other publisher houses like Juxtapoz Magazine, ObeyGiant and Uper Playground. Gingko Press is about documenting modern art from the streets without putting it on a pedestal. Their focus rather lies on maintaining the short-lived character of underground art. Gingko wants to break this boundary and make sure that art is accessible to everyone.
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