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Golden Denim

In 2009, Abraham Ruiz decided to follow in the steps of his parents. His brand GOLDEN DENIM features the best of Californian denim products. For Abraham a high standard of quality is as mandatory to the jeans as a pair of legs. Thats why the designs and the trousers are fully hand-made in the USA enriched by the brand's years of experience and wisdom from their elders.

Golden Denim – denim love meets Californian lifestyle

Golden Denim is fully based in Los Angeles, California. The warehouse is situated there as well as the brands own “Wash House” where new colors and ablutions are developed. But Golden Denim does not only set its focus on jeans. Chino pants with distinct styles are part of the apparel as well. The Marathon Pant with a modern style and elastic cuffs is one of the most popular jogger pants on the market.
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