herschel Settlement Backpack

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material: 100% Polyamide
Color: rust/copper/navy
Brand SKU::  10005-00457
round classic backpack with frontpocket ...
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material: 100% Polyamide
Color: rust/copper/navy
round classic backpack with frontpocket

Brand information: herschel

Herschel backpacks are known for excellent quality and fresh design. The company's history starts in the early 1900s with barrel-maker Peter Comack and his wife Annie. Having left Scotland for a new life in Canada they soon decided to found their own company in a town called Herschel. But instead of making barrels they started to produce backpacks and bags for every purpose.

Herschel – Timeless design with fine regard for detail

Nowadays, Herschel Supply Co. is based in Vancouver. Jamie and Lyndon Cormack named the company after the place where three generations of their family grew up. The purpose changed at no time. Herschel still produces backpacks and accessories with a high aspiration for quality and design. Herschel is mainly inspired from American history and alpine sports and unites both elements in a special vintage-look that finds lovers among everyday travelers all over the world.