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The brand ICNY(or spelled out "I see New York") is fully inspired by the crowded, noisy and frantic streets of New York City. The occasion for the initiation of ICNY was a pretty unfortunate event in 2012. Designer Mike Cherman was struck by a car whilst riding his bike home from work. This experience caused Mike to advance an idea that could prevent such accidents in an easy way. So he decided to focus on being more visible in the streets and hand-pressed 3M reflective fabrics onto a pair of socks. When light hits the moving feet of the cyclist, the result is a strobe-light effect of reflectivity. This allows the wearer to be seen from up to 700 feet away.

ICNY – Reflective redefined

Cherman decided to connect functionality with fashionable design and started to use retroreflectivity in other apparel and accessories as well. ICNY was born. The reflective material is used for big front and back prints and other stylish elements to make sure you look classy but still keep it secure when cruising through the night. So what are you waiting for? Grab your bike, skateboard, blades or whatever and make others feel blinded by the light of your style!
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