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material: leather/textile
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“I'm back.“ Those two simple words were enough to lead the basketball world to utter chaos – not being able to realize that Michael Jordan finally decided to end his stint in the MLB. Everyone ...
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material: leather/textile

“I'm back.“ Those two simple words were enough to lead the basketball world to utter chaos – not being able to realize that Michael Jordan finally decided to end his stint in the MLB. Everyone was shocked when he announced his early retirement after his father was ruthlessly murdered back in 1993. Michael's father always wanted him to play baseball, but against his wish MJ dedicated his life to basketball. For many it was the definite right thing to do, but back then Michael was heartbroken, not knowing what to do with his life. Should he give up the game of basketball and give baseball a try? Or should he just go on with his daily life – the glory and the fame. He was the best player on earth after all. In the end he decided to go with the former and joined the Chicago White Sox. To be honest, he was awful. A year after bearing his personal struggles on and off-court he came to himself. His Airness was back. So was his shoe range. Parallel to his comeback the AIR JORDAN 10 was released and like the '10' suggests, it was something comparable to an anniversary. Twice the reason to celebrate! If the Bulls managed to win the championship that year, the AJ10 probably would have been the most memorable sneaker MJ ever released. Sadly that didn't happen, but his career speaks for itself. Never give up on your dreams!

Ten years later and it's once again time to quote his Airness on his famous two words which shook the world: “I'm back“. But it's not Michael Jordan himself which announces a comeback, it's the City Pack! After Paris, New York and Rio had their own shoe released, it is time to pay tribute to THE city. Michael Jeffrey Jordan is honored to present the AIR JORDAN RETRO CHICAGO! Windy City it is. This time around the sneaker doesn't refer to the Bulls at all – the city of Chicago, in which he spent most of his life in, prevails. The colorway is inspired by Chicago's flag: white, red, light blue and black. In the same place where Michael appliquéd his 23 or 45 in recent years, a “Chi“ writing proudly enjoys priority. Therefore Jordan thanks the whole city of Chicago for always standing by his side – through the good and through the bad days!

  • Brand: Jordan
  • Product name: Air Jordan 10 Retro 'Chicago'
  • Material: Leather/Textile
  • Color: White/Light Crimson/University
  • Remastered version of Michael Jordan's tenth signature shoe
  • Premium leather upper
  • Soft padded lining
  • Rubber outsole with timeline of MJ's first ten years in the NBA
  • “Chi“ writing on tongue
  • White jumpman on outsole

Brand information: jordan

In the game of basketball Michael Jordan is a god. Number 23 of the Chicago Bulls has set the bar extremely high: His six championship rings, five mvp`s, numerous scoring titles, not to mention his on-court heroics and breathtaking dunks, are the stuff legends are made of. The Jordan Brand aspires to achieve boss status as well. And it is well on its way.
In Jordan`s rookie campaign, it didn`t take the basketball world long to realize who they were dealing with. He was not only a fascinating athlete, his charismatic smile and pleasant personality cast a spell over people – Michael Jordan had perfect commercial appeal. Nike recognized that as well. The brand needed a kick-starter and got a rocket boost in Jordan.
While the Air Jordan 1 and 2 sold well – and vaulted Nike from middle of the pack to the top of the sneaker world – the Air Jordan 3 went supersonic. Thanks to new head designer Tinker Hatfield the sneaker has become a legend in its own right. The jumpman logo was introduced with the 3, as well as a visible air cushion in its sole. Experts call the 3 the best basketball sneaker ever made, even to this day. A whole line of legendary commercials starring famous director Spike Lee as Mars Blackmon („It`s gotta be the shoes“) made the hype complete.

Air Jordan – from hype to frenzy

In the 90s the hype evolved into a frenzy: Michael Jordan shattered records, was feared by opponents on the court and charmed fans off of it. MJ became more famous than the Beatles and the president combined and people went crazy over his signature sneakers. To this day, the madness continues: When a new Jordan is released – no matter if re-release, retro or special edition – fans of the Jordan Brand camp out in front of sneaker stores for days. The shoes are sold out in seconds and are later sold online for crazy rates.
The Jordan Brand has become so large that Nike decided to make it its own sub-division. In 1997 the time had come: The Air Jordan 18 was the first independent release of the Jordan Brand, the rest is history …

Jordan – a premium brand for ballers

Jordan does not only produce premium sneakers, the brand has got all aspects of the baller lifestyle covered, from warm-ups to shooting shirts, from backpacks to snapbacks. At KICKZ you will find any Jordan article your soul desires, whether it be exclusive packages like the Spizikes, Golden Moments and Son of Mars or the latest signature sneaker by Carmelo Anthony or CP3. So, get your favorite piece from our massive Jordan collection and „be like Mike“!