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K1x Wmns

Clothing from K1X Wmns was created in order to combine the passion for dance and streetwear. Since 2009 the brand for female dance addicts is all about one thing: We rule the Cypher! Bright colors and unique designs give your dance moves the extra crisp. However the apparel makes a good impression off the dance floor as well. Doesn't matter if you decide for a college jacket, windbreaker or sweatpants - K1X Wmns offers all you need to level up your appearance.

K1x Wmns - dance hard, don't embarrass our products

With the creation of the Hardwood Ladies-collection K1X Wmns also thought about the basketball fraction. Training shorts, jerseys and tank tops prepare you for any match. Thereby the clothing is steadily inspired by the hip hop and dancing culture and does not miss out on bringing you the best of style and coziness. So make a move and shake what your mama gave ya!
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