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Le Coq Sportif

Le Coq Sportif (“The Athletic Rooster”) is a French company producing sports equipment. The enterprise has a long tradition, which starts in 1882 with its foundation in Romilly-sur-Seine. Emile Camuset was so keen on sports that he decided to produce sport jerseys by himself. At the beginning, the quickly emerging company's main focus was clearly on cycling. Le Coq Sportif invented the sweat suit in 1939, and became the official supplier of cycling jerseys for the Tour de France in 1951. But soon the companies efforts comprised various sponsorships in rugby, tennis and especially soccer. Italy won its third world cup in 1982 wearing the rooster, and Diego Maradona wrote history with “the hand of god” goal wearing the Argentinian jersey of Le Coq Sportif.

Le Coq Sportif – Made in France

After a long period of steadily decreasing importance the brand experienced a successful relaunch. Street fashion became an important mainstay besides professional sport couture. The company's roots were refreshed by opening new workshops in Romilly-sur-Seine and Le Coq Sportif was able to live up to earlier successes. The soccer team of Saint Etienne, “the Greens”, is sponsored again and also AC Fiorentina wears the jersey with the rooster since 2015. Le Coq Sportif regularly collaborates with renowned streetwear brands and shops, and is no more considered as sleeper among sneaker heads and streetwear enthusiasts.
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