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Lee is a tradition-rich brand from Kansas and a specialist for Denim Jeans. Founded in 1889 by Henry David Lee, the brand started producing jeans and jackets. The breakthrough happened in 1913 when Lee launched the one-piece suit “Union-All”. It was wearable over normal clothing and workers were safe from dirt. As a result Lee was able to establish itself on the market and advanced to one of the leading producers of work clothing. In 1954 Lee started producing casual wear as well.

Lee – The jeans that built America

With the increasing popularity of the jeans, Lee was able to expand to 81 countries during the sixties. Since the 1970s the denim brand has focussed completely on lifestyle-fashion. Soon the offer was extended to styles for women and kids. Nowadays Lee offers a wide variety of classic styles and modern ones as the skinny jeans. During all the years Lee has not lost quality at all. You can still be sure to get the same quality that workers already trusted in 100 years ago.
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