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Majestic is the official supplier of the Major League Baseball. All teams, from the Atlanta Braves and the New York Yankees through to the Texas Rangers, play in gear made by Majestic. Surprisingly the brand's history started with some blouses. In the fifties Mary Capobianco founded the fashion label Mary Rose Fashions, which produced blouses for self confident women in the US. The company also produced T-shirts and blouses but was not yet connected to sports in any way. Faust Capobianco III., her son, changed this. In 1976 he decided to join the company and started to enlarge the offer by creating a sports line called Majestic Athletic.

Majestic Athletic – official supplier of the MLB

Faust Capobianco III. was a passionate Baseball-player and therefore decided to create clothing for this sport. After having worked on some drafts, Majestic was ready to present their first product to the world. The Practice Jersey for Batter was released in 1982 and paved the way for the young company. Only two years after Capobianco signed a supplier-contract with the league. Ever since Majestic produces the whole equipment for all teams and sets new standards in streetwear as well. T-shirts, hoodies, jogging pants and jackets with the logos of teams as the New York Yankees or the Los Angeles Dodgers give fans the chance to support their team anywhere at any time.
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