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Obey is the fashion label of famous American street artist Shepard Fairey. The studied illustrator and graphic designer is not only active in the streets of the world. He also created some great artworks like the movie poster for “Walk the Line“ or the Barack Obama “Hope“ poster which he made during the presidential election of 2008. The work he is most known for is the „Andre the Giant has a Posse“ sticker campaign. Fairey illustrated a picture with the wrestler Andre the Giant and printed it on thousands of stickers. When he founded Obey in 2001 the wrestler's face became the flagship of the fashion label with its headquarter in LA.

Obey – Streetart in fashion

Obey is about questioning the purpose and making sarcastically fun of the propagandists who want us to “obey“. The designs contain extreme opposites in regards of capitalism, communism and propaganda to provoke and create controversy. The brand's logo is often printed in large size on the T-shirts, caps, hoodies and other apparel. In fact, Obey contains all the elements and cultural movements Shepard based his work on. It functions as mouthpiece to spread the message, the designs and the love for street art.
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