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Odd Future

OFWGKTA, Wolf Gang, Golf Wang, Loiter Squad, X gang, Bacon Boys, Flog Gnaw – the Wtf!? effect is pretty big when you hear the many different names of the Hip Hop collective Odd Future. The names are pretty much like the members themselves: absolutely crazy. Founded by rapper Tyler the Creator and five of his friends, the collective grew pretty fast by gathering more and more creative brains. Musicians like Mike G, Frank Ocean, Left Brain and Hodgy Beats but also many non-musicians are part of the crew from Ladera Heights, California. Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill them All (short OFWGKTA) is all about Hip Hop, Skating, art and everything that is extravagant and provoking. By just doing what they feel like, the group gained a lof of attention and success. They have a record deal, play sold-out shows, had an own television show and of course they have several streetwear collections.

Odd Future – OFWGKTA stands for OMG and WTF

According to Tyler the Creator he creates the crazy designs for the apparel by his own. Recurring elements are donuts, OFGKTA letterings, cats, sex dolls and more. Tyler doesn't set any limits to his creativity. The collections around the gang are sold like hot cake. Especially in Europe the shirts, caps, hoodies and socks are pretty rare as the group with the 7 letters puts emphasis on the limited character of their clothes. They simply want u to stand out, when wearing their collections - just like the phenomenon OFWGKTA itself does.
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