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Pink Dolphin

Pink Dolphin was founded in 2008 in sunny Los Angeles with the vision to not be just like any other brand. They wanted to create something special. This is why from the beginning all their products are printed and sold in limited quantity. There are no reprints once an item sells out. In this way they want to keep from saturation on the streets. Quite a claim for a young brand but success proves that Pink Dolphin's philosophy was right. The lucky supporters of the brand can almost be sure that their look is unique.

Pink Dolphin – Legends at our craft

Mac Miller and Chris Brown already back Pink Dolphin. Now the brand finally made its way across the ocean. Pink Dolphin promotes an incredibly positive attitude. Their slogan – Legends at our craft – stands not only for their pride, creativity and the superior quality of their products but is also meant to encourage people to believe in their own strenght. Because this is Pink Dolphin>'s message: “Remember – we are all Legends+at+our+craft.“

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