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material: leather
Color: smith
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Euro Traction Tred Sole ...
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material: leather
Color: smith
Euro Traction Tred Sole

Brand information: red wing

In 1905 Charles H. Beckman opened a shoe factory in Red Wing, Minnesota. His goal: He wanted to equip the hard working people in this cold US state with boots of highest quality. The brand name originates from the city the company is based in. For his shoes Beckman only selected the best leather and tweaked meticulously on the tanning to even improve the quality. The leather of the boots has often more fat content and is therefore smoother and more water resistant. This additional effort pays off: The Red Wing shoes stand for unique longevity and wearing comfort. That hasn't change until today.

Red Wing – boots made of real leather

The upper of the Red Wing Boots is made nearly exclusively of real leather. At the beginning of the company history they were manufactured by handcraft. In the course of time Beckman bought machines that could achieve this work even better. Instead of mass production he focused consequently on quality that fulfills even highest demands. The Red Wing leather shoes are available in different designs. There are boots for winter and low-cut leather sneakers as well. And with every pair of Red Wing shoes you get special caring instructions, so that you can wear them over years.