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A surfing company that sponsors MMA fighters - does that fit together? RVCA says: Yes it does! Pat Tenore, the founder of the Cali brand RVCA (pronounced rucah), wanted to create a company that unites different types of subcultures in a genuine and organic way. To date companies in the retail industry had only focused on particular ones such as surfing or skating. Therefore Pat and professional surfer Conan Hayes decided to bring the clothing brand RVCA into being. The logotype consisting of a V and an A without crossbar represents the opposites that the company manages to comprise in such an authentic way. It's Yin and Yang, its nature and industrialization, its man and women.

RVCA – the balance of opposites

Surfing, skating, MMA, Jiu Jitsu, graffiti and art – RVCA does not only sponsor different sports but also supports a variety of accomplished as well as unknown artists. The RVCA Artist Network Program (ANP) aims to showcase their talent and push the boundaries of creativity; providing something of substance and culture. For Pat RVCA is about educating each other and having an open mind. Probably that's why RVCA was able to distance itself from short lived trends and become the lifestyle brand that it is.
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