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All along starting a fashion line, has been a great way for artists to put out their artworks and present them to the public. Designer and artist Ruslan Karablin was able to gain recognition as New York’s streetwear pioneer by creating a label in 1990 that can surely be handled as one of the greatest streetwear brands of all time: SSUR.

SSUR – sex, politics and protest

Backwards, SSUR spells Russ, as in Ruslan Karablin and gives hints of the artists Russian heritage. The designs make fun of iconic luxury brands by using bootlegging consciously. Hip-hop inspired graphic T-shirts, DC co-branded sneakers, and the famous „Comme des Fuckdown“ design – worn by A$AP Rocky - can be ascribed to the long-standing brand. And Ruslan keeps advancing new ideas and projects. Stay tuned for more!
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