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In 1997 the success story of Staple began with design student Jeff Ng aka jeffstaple creating his own handmade T-Shirts in his spare time. When one day, he walked into the Triple Five Soul boutique in New York City, he was approached by the manager who made the first order of 12 T-Shirts. The brand grew organically and over the time became more and more visible in the streets of the Big Apple. In 2005, Nike signed jeffstaple to design a limited edition Dunk Pro SB, which was to represent New York.

Staple – Better a pigeon on the shirt than a pigeon on the roof!

Staple created the pigeon logo and printed it on the shoe's heel. The pigeon represents the gritty and reckless enegery that New Yorkers and other city dwellers possess. It has become the trademark of the company and can be seen printed on most of the shirts. When the exclusive Dunk Pro SB Pigeon was released, demand was so high that a small riot ensued and NYPD had to step in. Avoid this kind of hustle and order your Staple styles conveniently at KICKZ.COM.
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