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Stussy Wmns

Stussy Wmns, the line for female streetwear fashionistas, already started in 1995. Initially the collection consisted of smaller versions of the mens’ apparel, but soon this was no more enough. Led by Pauline Takahashi Saunders, Stussy Wmns was one of the first brands, that created a successful mix of runway fashion and west coast street style. To this day the focus is set on rather smaller collections that are only available in a small amount of selected stores. That’s what makes the items of Stussy Wmns even more interesting, especially as the streetwear brand stands out among others due to its long history.

Stussy Wmns – Runway fashion meets west coast street style

The influence of founder Shawn Stussy on the apparel is conspicuous. His signature is the characteristic feature of nearly every item. In the late 70s the passionate surfer started to build own boards in Laguna Beach, California. In order to raise awareness for his brand, he also produced own T-shirts with his signature on. The T-shirts were a bestseller and in 1984 Shawn Stussy founded the identically named label together with Frank Sinatra Jr. Initially the T-shirts were sold from the back of a pick-up-truck but after 4 years they opened their first store in New York City. Nowadays Stussy is one of the leading brands in urban clothing.
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