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At last! For years we have been trying to develop a method of an enhanced foot measurement. Now we are ready to go into testing. We need 100 volunteers to send us a picture of their feet. With our new software we measure your foot not only in length but in width also. That way we can recommend a couple of shoes for you that would fit you like a glove. Those days when you had to walk a mile in new shoes to feel comfortable are over. You put them on and they just fit perfectly.

With the help of our biometric foot measuring you only buy shoes that are right for you. The first 100 test candidates also get a customized insole wich they can insert in any shoe of their liking. They also get a 10 Euro discount on their next purchase at KICKZ.COM.

Get your KICKZ Footpass now!

All we need from you is a picture of your foot. If the background is not white we would like to ask you to kindly mark your toes and heel with a black marker. That way our software can recognize the measurements of your foot more precisely.

Please send your picture to You will get your 10 Euro promo code via E-Mail reply.

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