supra MAGAZINE MARDI GRAS ALL STAR QS black/white bei


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material: leather/synthetic
Color: black/white
Brand SKU::  SP75057 BBD
Magazine 'Mardi Gras', All Star Game ...
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material: leather/synthetic
Color: black/white
Magazine 'Mardi Gras', All Star Game

Brand information: supra

Chad Muska has a lot of talents. On the skateboard he excites people with his unbelievable moves on handrails and curbs. In addition he opened his own hiphop music studio and established himself as a premier DJ in Los Angeles. A few years ago he founded Supra in order to produce skateboard shoes. Because of Muskas contacts the California brand became popular in the blink of an eye. Innovative styles and high functionality are the principles of their shoe design. Team Supra also has skateboard stars Terry Kennedy and Tom Penny working for them.