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Two Angle

The label Two Angle evolved from a collaboration between a New Yorker Designer and a Parisian fashion office in 1999 based on the desire to unite French flair with American street look. The brand's name is an allusion to partially different views of American and French people on fashion in general and Hip Hop- and streetwear in particular. The creators' aim has always been to create a look that represents the characteristics of both cultures in order to create a label that marks itself off from the mainstream. Thanks to this concept Two Angle has been able to delight fans from different classes and styles.

Two Angle – French flair meets American street look

Indeed it is not surprising that the label is well received: no shirt equals another and the T-shirts stand out due to creative and striking prints with a clear message. But Two Angle also offers more discrete apparel that complete any casual look. But there is one thing that all the Two Angle styles have in common: all materials are being selected on the basis of strict criteria and manufactured meticulously.
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